Willow Creek Olive Estate.

Jalapeño Flavoured Olive Oil - 250ml.

Jalapeño Flavoured
Olive Oil.

Willow Creek.


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Willow Creek Jalapeño Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil is exquisitely flavoured with Jalapeño chili pepper oil. Made with award-winning extra virgin olive oil produced on the Willow Creek Olive Estate in the Nuy Valley, Western Cape, South Africa, the world’s most famous chilli pepper will add tremendous flavour to any cooking.



Use this Jalapeño flavoured extra virgin olive oil to liven salsas and Mexican dishes. Ideal addition for creating spicy salads. Delicious when drizzled over bruschetta for a zesty taste sensation.




Los Angeles International EVOO Competition 2016Gold Medal

About the Producer:

Willow Creek

Nestling in the Nuy Valley in South Africa’s Western Cape is Willow Creek, producer of exquisite natural and flavoured extra virgin olive oils brought to you in the UK exclusively by Greybe Fine Olive Products. The estate comprises 270 hectares, planted with 220 000 olive trees, made up of 12 varieties. Click the button below to read more about them on our Partners Page.

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