Willow Creek Olive Estate.

Estate Blend Extra Virgin
Olive Oil - 750ml Squeeze.

Estate Blend
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Squeeze.

Willow Creek.


PRICE £11.00



This beautiful olive oil is a blend with Frantoio as the dominant cultivar harvested at a half ripe stage and has a medium fruity character. The aroma of freshly cut green grass and a hint of apple follows through on the palate of this highly popular South African extra virgin olive oil. The slight bitterness and gentle pungency are balanced and fades to leave a pleasant aftertaste.



Foodies will love the Squeeze bottle for its practicality, convenience and eco-friendliness. The unique patented nozzle allows the olive oil to be poured slower than with traditional olive oil spouts which means Willow Creek’s Squeeze allows for greater portion control and goes much further. The unbreakable and recyclable PET bottle with its specially added oxygen barrier and UV filter which keeps the shelf life of the oil intact has already earned the favour of users and judges alike.



It is an excellent all-rounder olive oil recommended for preparing grilled fish, oven roasted chicken and vegetables, homemade mayonnaise and in baking such as muffins and carrot cake.




Terraolivo International Olive Oil Competition 2016 (Israel),
leading competition for extra virgin olive oils in the eastern
Mediterranean and Asia region
Gran Prestige Gold
L’Orciolo D’Oro 2016, ItalyGran Menzione
South Africa Olive Awards 2016Silver Medal
Los Angeles International EVOO Competition 2016Bronze Medal

About the Producer:

Willow Creek

Nestling in the Nuy Valley in South Africa’s Western Cape is Willow Creek, producer of exquisite natural and flavoured extra virgin olive oils brought to you in the UK exclusively by Greybe Fine Olive Products. The estate comprises 270 hectares, planted with 220 000 olive trees, made up of 12 varieties. Click the button below to read more about them on our Partners Page.

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