Sun-dried Tomatoes in Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Sun-dried Tomatoes
in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic.



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Mani Sun-dried Tomatoes in Extra Virgin Olive Oil are made following a time-honoured traditional recipe, with the addition of organic extra virgin olive oil and basil. Packed in the Mani region in southern Peloponnese, from sun-dried tomatoes grown on Euboea, the second biggest island of Greece, this is a delicious and very popular Greek meze.



Perfect as an appetizer, on hot grilled bruschetta, or as a tasty addition to pizza and pasta sauces. The oil used to pack the sun-dried tomatoes can be used in the same way, added to any tomato-based sauce, salad or dip for extra taste. The word "meze" means "taste" and/or "snack." Mezes are a big part of the dining experience not only in Greece, but throughout Eastern Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Arab countries.




Great Taste Awards
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About the Producer:


Mani is Greece’s biggest supplier of organic extra virgin olive oils, olive products and mezes (Greek appetizers), and a multi-award winner on the international stage. Click the button below to read more about them on our Partners Page.

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