Novalis Olive Estate.

Ducalis Italian
Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500ml.

Ducalis Italian
Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Ducalis by Novalis.


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A limited production Italian organic extra virgin olive oil made from elegant Peranzana olives. A delicious olive oil with a low acidity and perfectly balanced full and fragrant taste, giving intense and lively scents of rocket, tomato, artichoke and radish without excess bitter or spicy tones.



This elegant extra virgin olive oil goes perfectly with delicate dishes, cooked and raw. Great with fish and seafood dishes, vegetable soups and salads. Delicious when drizzled over bruschetta.





HarvestNovember 2017
MethodOrganic, hand-picked
EstateBetween San Severo and San Paolo di Civitate
in the province of Foggia, Apulia,
south-eastern Italy
Single olive varietyPeranzana
Number of trees2500
ExtractionCold extraction, mechanical up to 27°C
ProductionUnfiltered, limited


Calories824 kcal
Saturated fat14 g
Monounsaturated fat69 g
Polyunsaturated fat9 g
Carbohydrates0 g
Sugar0 g
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About the Producer:

Novalis Olive Estate

The elegant ‘Ducalis’ brand of premium quality extra virgin olive oil is produced and bottled by the Romano family outside San Severo in the province of Foggia, Apulia, south-eastern Italy. Click the button below to read more about them on our Partners Page

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