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Doleon Oregano Infused Olive Oil.

Doleon Oregano Infused
Olive Oil.

Doleon by Nature's Icons.


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Doleon oregano flavoured olive oil is made with naturally produced essential oil from this highly prized Mediterranean herb in southern Peloponnese, Greece. Superior single estate olive oil made from Koroneiki olives, infused with locally grown oregano produces an exquisite olive oil with a beautiful aromatic, warm and slightly bitter taste.



Ideal for use in a wide range of Mediterranean dishes, including fish, pizzas, chicken and meat dishes. Perfect for soups, omelettes and sauces. Delicious when drizzled over bruschetta.





HarvestNovember 2015 / January 2016
MethodOrganic, hand-picked
EstateDoloi, southern Peloponnese,
Single olive varietyKoroneiki
Number of trees2000
ExtractionCold extraction, mechanical up to 27°C
ProductionUnfiltered, limited


Energy815 kcal
Total fat90.6 g
Saturated fat14.6 g
Carbohydrates0 g
Sugar0 g
Protein0 g
Salt0 g

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About the Producer:

Nature's Icons

The award-winning 'Doleon' brand of premium quality extra virgin olive oil is produced and bottled by the Makris family of the Kalamata region of the southern Peloponnese in Greece. Click the button below to read more about them on our Partners Page

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