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Our Story.

Greybe Fine Olive Products is an exciting new small enterprise committed to playing our part in making sustainable living commonplace. Based in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, we are committed to a responsible business journey that encompasses organic farming methods, sustainable business practices and giving back to our local communities and our planet. We have partnered with a select group of producers of multi award-winning extra virgin olive oils, balsamic vinegars and other olive products in Greece, Italy and South Africa to bring discerning customers in the UK an exclusive range of delicious products at affordable prices.





Our team is global and our ethos is partnership - between our producers, suppliers, customers and shareholders. Our mission is to work together to contribute to economic and social development and to give back to our local communities and our planet. Together we can build community.

Greybe fine olive products
Greybe fine olive products

Giving Back.

We are passionate about giving back to local communities and making them better places to live. We are committed to making a difference by contributing a part of every sale to social development and economic empowerment in South Africa where we source exquisite olive products. To offset our carbon footprint we are signed up to a stringent carbon neutral programme.

Supporting global carbon offsetting at local community level.


We at Greybe Fine Olive Products have made carbon offsetting an integral part of our business social responsibility programme and sustainability strategy because we care passionately about our environment and are committed to going carbon neutral.

Running Greybe Fine Olive Products sustainably is core to our fundamental values and ethos.

We have therefore entered into partnerships with businesses that share a common goal to develop robust energy, carbon and sustainability credentials that will enhance our brands, engage stakeholders and make our businesses better places to work at.

We have joined up with Carbon Footprint Ltd, a global leader in environmental change, and signed up to one of their fully accredited and certified carbon offset projects in the developing world, in our case a social impact community project in Uganda for improved cookstoves.

We began with a purchase to offset 35 tonnes of CO2e (‘carbon dioxide equivalent', the internationally recognised measure of greenhouse emissions). In future a small percentage of every purchase from Greybe Fine Olive Products will go towards regular carbon offset procurements for our chosen community project in Uganda.

Social and economic
development is important to us.

Our partner in South Africa, Willow Creek Olive Estate, runs a comprehensive social development and economic empowerment programme for employees and their children. In 2001, Willow Creek sold a sizeable piece of the estate - 201 hectares - to its employees and actively assists them to develop it economically. A flourishing early childhood programme for children of employees was started 10 years ago on the estate. We at Greybe Fine Olive Products are passionate about supporting social development and economic empowerment at local community level and donate a part of every sale to the Willow Creek development programme. Next on the Willow Creek development agenda is the establishment of a computer centre for children of school-going age. Looking further ahead, Willow Creek plans to start a community programme for children orphaned by HIV and AIDs. Greybe Fine Olive Products is committed to playing its part in helping Willow Creek realise its development plan of action.

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